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Amazingly accurate Free Football Picks ATS and SU
The DoverPro has provided winning football predictions for games both ATS (against the spread) and SU (straight up) absolutely free to all football fans for over ten years. We have never had a losing season!
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How the NCAAF Free Football Picks Predictions are made.

Initial Computer Selections.

We use a computer statistical data base to provide the initial computer selections. This programmed prediction selection system has consistently provided excellent results for a base for our free football picks prediction system. See below for ratings and prediction systems we monitor.

The selections for each NCAAF game each week are listed on the worksheet, along with the current "Vegas Line" point spread, the predicted winner ATS on one page and the predicted winner SU Moneyline on another page, and we also list the probability, or confidence factor, of the selection.

Secondary prediction evaluation.

We then survey several other sites that provide college football picks and evaluate the initial selections based on that to assign the unit factors. The top selection receives the most units, and usually we recommend only the top three or four teams with the highest probability.

Our NCAAF selections are provided only as a courtesy to our subscribers and visitors, it has become too much work to provide the level of analysis for college football that we provide for NFL football, especially since the site is absolutely free.

Sources for NCAA Handicappers

Sources for our NCAA Football Power Ranking Systems and Win-Lose Predictions include  Tod Becks Prediction Tracker  which provides over a dozen different sites that predict college football games, it is worth checking out.


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