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The DoverPro has provided winning football predictions for games both ATS (against the spread) and SU (straight up) absolutely free to all football fans for over ten years. We have never had a losing season!
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How to use Football Free Picks system picks.

First, I must tell you that gambling is bad!

Most gamblers lose! In the long run there are very few individuals who actually consistently win when they gamble. They gamble with emotion, almost always a loser. Or often they do not understand the true odds, or percentages, or even how the odds are determined. If you are going to bet and win, you must do it with as much knowledge and information as you can obtain. And this is especially true of football. The better who consistently bets "his team" will lose in the long run.

Change your thinking! Do not think, My Team WON, think My BET won!

Before you bet football, you must understand pointspreads.

Pointspreads in football are determined not based on who the bookies think is the best team, or who will win. They are based simply on how many points are necessary to balance the betting load on teams. If heavy betting action is taking place on a certain team that is favored, then the bookies will adjust the pointspread to get more action on the other team by giving more points to the underdog. All the bookie cares about it is the action, and the "juice" he collects form the losers. As long as the bets are even, he wins every week. But keep this in mind, the betters are a large group of specialized gamblers, who may have information not available to the general public. So in fact the pointspread is set in fact by many, many experts. More information: Football Pointspread betting

Apply this system and use it for free!

By signing up you may use the system and the other information provided for free! Test drive it, see how it works, and if it works. Keep in mind the system is more accurate as the season develops. If it is providing you winners, then help support it by supporting the sponsors or by making a contribution to the site. We use a technique called Data Mining to produce winning picks. We use multiple sources for our information based on how well they are performing each week, and change these sources when needed.

The system takes about 4 weeks to really develop as we build the accuracy. Be sure to consider this when you use Football Free Picks as a source when you are making your football picks.

Very Effective for Football cards

If you like football cards, these cards are a bad bet. Most of the time you will lose betting them, because the odds are long and otherwise they would not be around. If your league bets this way, then this system may help. This system provides three high probability winners each week. While we provide only three formal picks, we also provide a guide for all the games for the week. And a few times the fourth pick is very strong, and we will let you know this. Choose the best probabilities of the list, and watch for anything over 70%. This system has been VERY effective for football cards, especially those that offer both NFL and NCAAF choices.

Bet straight up moneyline or against the spread.

Whether you like betting straight up, SU (or Moneyline), or against the spread, ATS, this system can provide you winners! Since ATS is the betting standard for many players, this is where the most work is put into the picks. Each selection is accompanied by a unit count for betting purposes. The typical best bet is the number one selection with a probability of over 70% for three to 4 units. To make the most of the system, and to play the odds, we will usually provide a 2-3 unit bet on the second selection and a 1-2 unit bet on the third selection. Once in a while there will be a fourth selection. Occasionally this will change, and the rating will indicate the number of units recommended to be bet.

Remember, if you gamble, NEVER Bet more than you can afford to lose!!!

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