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NFL Points Totals
or the Over Under bet

For every NFL Football game, oddsmakers post a predicted point total to be scored in the game. 

Totals, the  over under bet, is a bet on the total combined points scored by both teams. You make a pick based on whether you think the total points scored by both teams goes Over or Under the posted total.

Seems simple enough, doesn't it? However this line is not always based on how many points the oddsmakers calculate using the NFL power ratings and game statistics. In many NFL football games, this total is inflated by the oddsmakers.

Most  NFL football fans want to see a high scoring game and so they subconciously tend to expect high score totals. So the oddsmakers will then inflate the points total in most games. As a rule, betting the Under is safer than betting the Over. If you track these tyeps of bets, you will find that the under will tend to win or tie almost 60% of the time.

However it can work both ways! .In an NFL football game between two strong defensive teams with weak offenses the betting public will expect a low score. The oddsmakers then adjust the point total downward.

Watch for points total extreme lines. If the Over/Under line is highly over what you may reasonable expect, or very much under it, then fade the public! This is especially true on high visibility games such as Monday Night Football, the NFL playoff games and of course the Superbowl.

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