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Football Free Picks has provided our winning football picks for all NFL games both ATS (against the spread) and SU (straight up) absolutely free to all football fans for over ten years. We have never had a losing season!

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Las Vegas was not built on players’ winnings, rather, it is built on money lost by hard-working individuals. Sadly, but often true, casinos have the edge on every game on its floor—including the sportsbook. What may seem like an easy bet usually results in a loss for the player.

Fading the public usually entails a rough 60% winning percentage in the long run. This angle usually works best in football spread games. This angle can actually become stronger in conjunction with other angles, and solidified with this particular angle: fading the betting public favorite in high profile games (notice the term public favorite—this can be either the actual favorite or underdog in this case). High profile games such as the Superbowl, all have heavy handles, and therefore require ‘shaded’ lines to compensate for the increased actions felt by the sportsbooks. Before this past years Superbowl (2007), Las Vegas has enjoyed raking in their winnings year after year for the past 8 years or so. This example, thus, shows the efficacy of this obscure angle.


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Gambling is bad! Most gamblers lose! In the long run there are very few individuals who actually consistently win when they gamble with sports betting. Most people gamble and bet with emotion, and are almost always a loser. Or often they do not understand sports betting true odds, or percentages, or even how the odds are determined. If you are going to bet and win, you must do it with as much knowledge and information as you can obtain. And this is especially true of football betting. This site has been created primarily as an aid for fantasy football players and to provide you as much information and as many facts as we can about football betting systems, football betting strategy, and football betting dangers. We do not encourage you to bet on football or any sports betting in any form. In the long run you most likely cannot win by betting at football, or in any sports betting, and very probably you will lose the majority of the time.

Remember, if you gamble, NEVER bet more than you can afford to lose!!!!!!!

We do not condone sports betting gambling, other than for amusement or entertainment, and we further caution you that gambling can be addictive to certain individuals. If you think you have a problem with gambling, please contact Gambler's Anonymous at www.gamblersanonymous.com for more information or assistance.